Watching Class

Watching Class

The best way to understand Aikido is to do it yourself.

But it is also helpful to experience the atmosphere of the Dojo, and get a sense of what training is like and how classes are conducted.

Spectators are welcome.

Find a Class Time

Genyokan Dojo: 

Please see the Genyokan Schedule to find a class time when you might want to come watch class.  (Spectators are welcome at all classes with the exception of the Advanced Class on Wednesdays and Fridays.)

Other clubs:

Please see the Dojo Locations page to find the contact information for that Dojo.


Study of proper Budo etiquette is an important part of Yoshokai Aikido, and helps create a positive, bright Dojo atmosphere.

While no one is ever forced to conform to etiquette practices, many visitors to the Dojo do notice that everyone seems to be smoothly following some unspoken rules–and they feel like the only ones who don’t know what to do!

Many ask for a simple list of etiquette hints to help them feel more comfortable.  Please click the link below if you are interested.

Basic Etiquette


We believe that the Genyokan Dojo is a special place.  Please click the link below for a testimonial about the experience of coming to the Genyokan for the first time. 

Genyokan Experience