The GoFundMe campaign organized to support the Genyokan Dojo is now live!

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding campaign website used to make an online campaign page that can be shared through a link, email, text, or the most commonly used social media platforms.  Crowdfunding campaigns are a helpful platform to receive donations from outside of our community which we normally would not be able to reach.  All funds raised by this campaign will be used to pay off the Genyokan’s rent debt.

You can send the campaign to your friends, family, and community networks by sharing this link via email, text, or by posting the link on your social media platforms: 

UPDATE: As of 6/25/2021 we have raised about 30% of our campaign goal.

GoFundMe reports that fundraisers shared on Facebook specifically can increase donations as much as 350%.  Please share the link to keep the momentum going!
If you have questions about sharing or donating to this campaign, please contact Kate Laramie and Miyako Sugawara at