Basic Etiquette

Basic Etiquette

Entering/Leaving the Dojo

・Bow when entering and leaving the front entrance of the Dojo.

・Remove your shoes and line them up neatly in the designated area.

・Someone will guide you to the mat area to watch class. 

Watching Class

・Pay attention to class and refrain from doing other activities, such as reading a book, or using a mobile phone.

・Sit with relatively upright posture (not lounging or leaning your head on your hands)

If you are participating in class:

Entering/Leaving the Mat

・Enter and leave the mat from the far left/rear side.

・Bow toward the front center of the training area after entering/before leaving.

After Training

・After training we meet with our training partner(s) once again and bow to them, thanking them for training.

・We say “Arigato Gozaimashita,” thank you very much in Japanese.