On Saturday, October 24, I had the opportunity to participate in Mrs. Kushida’s Birthday Toast online.   It was a pleasure to participate in such a well-organized and well-attended event.  Though we could not meet in person, it was great to see many people I have not seen in some time.
The event began with a toast to Mr. and Mrs Kushida led by Peck-Sensei, and everyone showed their full glasses, drank and showed them empty.  It was a nice accommodation to being online so that everyone could participate together from the beginning.   
Richard Moss
Osu! Active AYANA members are invited to participate in the classes following specific guidelines in order to establish and maintain a safe training environment under these unusual circumstances.
– One all-level evening class will offered each day with advance online sign-up – A health questionnaire and waiver for each day of class participation – Athletic outdoor footwear (that would allow for safe movements, such as jumping and pivoting) – Local students to come and leave IN your dogi (to allow people who have a far drive to the dojo to use the changing rooms)
Please sign up online in advance and fill out a health questionnaire to attend.

Aikido Beginners Class

Yoshokai Aikido

Aikido is a form of Japanese Budo, a way of study including both physical and mental training. The word Aikido can be loosely translated as “the Way (do) of harmony (ai) with nature or universal energy (ki).” Aikido is a way of studying harmony through physical movements. We study moving in harmony with others to eventually strive to create harmony with nature.